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The brass plaque illustrating the layout of the former Friends Burial Ground in Grove Street.

It proved quite difficult to capture a satisfactory image of this plaque; the inscriptions are reproduced below in a form easier for reading.
brass plaque
A transcription of the above brass plaque
brass plaque transcription
Reading from top left to bottom right, the names are:
Sarah Barritt, Tho Rich Jnr, Thos Rich, Ellin Waterfall, James Waterfall, James Waterfall, Issac Cook, Lois Cook, S Prideux, Wm Prideux, Sarah Emery, Hannah Fardon, Richard Fardon, Elizabeth Willett, Samuel Willett, W Mason, E Skillecorn, T Mason, W Barritt, Mary Barritt, Ann Hunt, Wm Barritt, Nat Barritt, W Booth, Elizth Booth, W Morgan, Josiah Holdship, Ann Holdship, John Heath, Ann Heath, Sarah Summers, Sarah Morgan.

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