Cheltenham Quaker Meeting informal groups
Group When & where Description Contact Type
Art GroupNot active at present.

Informal creativity, using any medium, beginners welcome. This is a small group, and we would welcome more people.
Book ClubNot active at present.

To consider thoughtful books.
Ecumenical Prayer GroupMonthly at 10:00 on 2nd Tuesday at the home of Jacek WeyersAn ecumenical group founded in 2000, which meets monthly to read and worship-share spiritual books. During a book-study cycle, the group is closed to new members. At present it is worship sharing Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, and is in the middle of the cycle finishing in June 2018. It will begin a new cycle in the autumn once a new book is chosen when it will be open to new members, who will be very welcome.Jacek WeyersClosed
Healing GroupCurrently laid down, but hopes to resume.Maureen Steffen
Light GroupsBy arrangementThere are at present three Light Groups, which meet every few weeks to listen to "Experiment with Light" guided meditations by Rex Ambler, and then share reflections on the experience. These groups are necessarily small and are currently closed to new members, but if there is sufficient interest, it may be possible to start a new group. For more information about Light Groups, contact Janet or Maureen.Janet Weyers or Maureen SteffenClosed
Meetings for WorshipBy arrangementHeld in the homes of friends who may be unable to attend worship at the Meeting House. For more information, contact any Elder.Any Elder
Peace GroupNot meeting in Cheltenham at present, but several Cheltenham Friends attend meetings of, and take part in actions discerned by, the Gloucestershire Area Meeting Peace Group.

The group is concerned with all matters of peace and justice, aware that peace is not solely an absence of war. We campaign against spending money on nuclear arms and drones instead of socially useful projects. Members of the group support Area Meeting Peace Group, and attend ecumenical peace vigils.
Reading Quaker Faith & PracticeNot currently active.
A structured programme of reading and group activities using techniques such as worship-sharing or creative listening.
Using materials provided by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (see list below), but not sticking to the original calendar!
Autumn/Winter 2015/2016
Spring/Summer 2016
Autumn/Winter 2016/2017
Spring 2017
SearchersCurrently laid down.

The Searchers have met to share about their personal spiritual journeys, and about Quaker practices, both individual and corporate. All who come to our Sunday meetings for worship are invited to talk and listen.
Any ElderOpen
Walking GroupNot active at present.

Walks approximately 6 miles, Saturdays once a month at various venues.
Writing the SpiritNo groups active at present.

A practice suggested by Gillie Bolton who has published extensively on reflective, therapeutic and creative writing. Please contact the Webmaster for a copy of the booklet which describes the process of Writing the Spirit and explains how to set up a group.
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