Cheltenham Quaker Meeting House Sunday duty rota by first name
Name Date Duty
Alison C31 Mar 2019teas
Alison C19 May 2019doorkeeping
Alison C21 Jul 2019teas
Alwyn B5 May 2019flowers
Alwyn B9 Jun 2019teas
Anne K-E17 Mar 2019teas
Anne K-E5 May 2019teas
Anne K-E7 Jul 2019teas
Brenda J14 Apr 2019teas
Brenda J16 Jun 2019teas
Cal A-S24 Mar 2019teas
Cal A-S12 May 2019doorkeeping
Cal A-S14 Jul 2019teas
Dave H7 Apr 2019flowers
Dave H9 Jun 2019flowers
Diana S31 Mar 2019flowers
Diana S19 May 2019flowers
Diana S21 Jul 2019flowers
Dorothy C28 Jul 2019doorkeeping
Evelyn S14 Apr 2019flowers
Evelyn S16 Jun 2019flowers
Ginny H7 Apr 2019doorkeeping
Ginny H9 Jun 2019doorkeeping
Iris T17 Mar 2019flowers
Iris T21 Apr 2019flowers
Iris T7 Jul 2019flowers
Jane B31 Mar 2019doorkeeping
Jane B26 May 2019flowers
Jane B14 Jul 2019doorkeeping
Janet W2 Jun 2019flowers
Janet W28 Jul 2019flowers
Jill V24 Mar 2019flowers
Jill V28 Apr 2019flowers
Jill V14 Jul 2019flowers
Jo T10 Mar 2019doorkeeping
Jo T12 May 2019teas
Jo T30 Jun 2019doorkeeping
Joy H10 Mar 2019flowers
Joy H5 May 2019doorkeeping
Joy H30 Jun 2019flowers
Judy R24 Mar 2019doorkeeping
Judy R19 May 2019teas
Judy R21 Jul 2019doorkeeping
Julie S17 Mar 2019doorkeeping
Julie S21 Apr 2019doorkeeping
Julie S23 Jun 2019doorkeeping
Margaret S26 May 2019teas
Margot R2 Jun 2019teas
Maureen S21 Apr 2019teas
Maureen S23 Jun 2019flowers
Max K28 Apr 2019doorkeeping
Max K16 Jun 2019doorkeeping
Max K23 Jun 2019teas
Noel B14 Apr 2019doorkeeping
Noel B26 May 2019doorkeeping
Rowland C7 Apr 2019teas
Rowland C2 Jun 2019doorkeeping
Rowland C28 Jul 2019teas
Sal D28 Apr 2019teas
Sal D7 Jul 2019doorkeeping
Tim H10 Mar 2019teas
Tim H12 May 2019flowers
Tim H30 Jun 2019teas
Rota entries last changed 2019-03-08 20:30:31

Doorkeeping: Please arrive by 10:00. Read the list of instructions for doorkeepers in the wooden rack by the door into the garden (possibly revised since the last time you did this!).

Flowers: Please try to have the flowers on the table by 10:15. There is a limited supply of vases in the kitchen cupboard, but please bring your own if you prefer.

Teas: You may wish to ask someone else to help you - the queue can build up when only one person is serving. Pleas bring milk (2 pints / 1 litre) and biscuits. Lay out mugs/cups and preheat water before MfW. Take your expenses from the dish for contributions.

If you see anything in need of repair or replacement anywhere about the building please contact a member of Premises Committee.