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Rota for Sunday duties

If a date is not convenient to you, please arrange to swap with someone else on the list, or contact Iain Main. This list will not include such ad-hoc changes unless you also tell the webmaster!

You can create an ICS file for use with your electronic calendar (Calendar on Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Google calendar) by clicking on your name in the right-hand list. That will download a file to your own machine. You can then double-click that file to add it to Calendar (or drag and drop it onto Calendar) or import it to Google calendar to create an event on the correct date for that particular duty. You need to download a separate calendar event for each date that you are doing duties.

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Rota by date
Date Doorkeeping Flowers Teas
8 Oct 2017June DIris TCal A
15 Oct 2017Margot RRuth BNigel S
22 Oct 2017Jo TJanet WSal D
29 Oct 2017Nigel SBrenda BJudy R
5 Nov 2017Alison CPhilip PMargaret S
12 Nov 2017Rowland CJanet WDorothy C
19 Nov 2017Julie SIris TMaureen S
26 Nov 2017Sal DJill VJo T
3 Dec 2017Cal AJill MAlwyn B
10 Dec 2017June DPhilip PPhilip P
17 Dec 2017Judy RTim HTim H
24 Dec 2017Margaret SRuth BAlison C
31 Dec 2017Jane BJane BMargot R
7 Jan 2018Jo TJanet WDorothy C
14 Jan 2018Joy HIan BBrenda J
21 Jan 2018Julie SJanet WMaureen S
28 Jan 2018Alwyn BAlwyn BSal D
4 Feb 2018Margot RIris TCal A
11 Feb 2018June DRuth BNigel S
18 Feb 2018Cal AJill MIan B
25 Feb 2018Alison CJill VJudy R
4 Mar 2018Nigel SJanet WMargaret S
11 Mar 2018Dorothy CRowland CRowland C
18 Mar 2018Julie SIris TMaureen S
25 Mar 2018Sal DAnn CJo T
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Rota by first name
Click on your name to download an electronic calendar event
Name Date Duty
Alison C5 Nov 2017doorkeeping
Alison C24 Dec 2017teas
Alison C25 Feb 2018doorkeeping
Alwyn B3 Dec 2017teas
Alwyn B28 Jan 2018doorkeeping
Alwyn B28 Jan 2018flowers
Ann C25 Mar 2018flowers
Brenda B29 Oct 2017flowers
Brenda J14 Jan 2018teas
Cal A8 Oct 2017teas
Cal A3 Dec 2017doorkeeping
Cal A4 Feb 2018teas
Cal A18 Feb 2018doorkeeping
Dorothy C12 Nov 2017teas
Dorothy C7 Jan 2018teas
Dorothy C11 Mar 2018doorkeeping
Ian B14 Jan 2018flowers
Ian B18 Feb 2018teas
Iris T8 Oct 2017flowers
Iris T19 Nov 2017flowers
Iris T4 Feb 2018flowers
Iris T18 Mar 2018flowers
Jane B31 Dec 2017doorkeeping
Jane B31 Dec 2017flowers
Janet W22 Oct 2017flowers
Janet W12 Nov 2017flowers
Janet W7 Jan 2018flowers
Janet W21 Jan 2018flowers
Janet W4 Mar 2018flowers
Jill M3 Dec 2017flowers
Jill M18 Feb 2018flowers
Jill V26 Nov 2017flowers
Jill V25 Feb 2018flowers
Jo T22 Oct 2017doorkeeping
Jo T26 Nov 2017teas
Jo T7 Jan 2018doorkeeping
Jo T25 Mar 2018teas
Joy H14 Jan 2018doorkeeping
Judy R29 Oct 2017teas
Judy R17 Dec 2017doorkeeping
Judy R25 Feb 2018teas
Julie S19 Nov 2017doorkeeping
Julie S21 Jan 2018doorkeeping
Julie S18 Mar 2018doorkeeping
June D8 Oct 2017doorkeeping
June D10 Dec 2017doorkeeping
June D11 Feb 2018doorkeeping
Margaret S5 Nov 2017teas
Margaret S24 Dec 2017doorkeeping
Margaret S4 Mar 2018teas
Margot R15 Oct 2017doorkeeping
Margot R31 Dec 2017teas
Margot R4 Feb 2018doorkeeping
Maureen S19 Nov 2017teas
Maureen S21 Jan 2018teas
Maureen S18 Mar 2018teas
Nigel S15 Oct 2017teas
Nigel S29 Oct 2017doorkeeping
Nigel S11 Feb 2018teas
Nigel S4 Mar 2018doorkeeping
Philip P5 Nov 2017flowers
Philip P10 Dec 2017flowers
Philip P10 Dec 2017teas
Rowland C12 Nov 2017doorkeeping
Rowland C11 Mar 2018flowers
Rowland C11 Mar 2018teas
Ruth B15 Oct 2017flowers
Ruth B24 Dec 2017flowers
Ruth B11 Feb 2018flowers
Sal D22 Oct 2017teas
Sal D26 Nov 2017doorkeeping
Sal D28 Jan 2018teas
Sal D25 Mar 2018doorkeeping
Tim H17 Dec 2017flowers
Tim H17 Dec 2017teas

Rota entries last changed 2017-12-31 14:05:13.

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