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Churches in Cheltenham

Churches in Cheltenham (CiC) provides a forum for ecumenism and joint action by local Christian denominations. CiC produces a Directory of Churches, part of which is reproduced below.

Cheltenham central Churches

If you’re having trouble viewing or printing the above picture, you might prefer to download the map in the form of a PDF. Depending on how you have set your web browser and PDF reader preferences, clicking on the link above should either display the file for immediate viewing, or download it to your own machine for viewing and printing at leisure. Some browsers allow this choice through a pop-up menu, accessed using click-and-hold, right-click, or control-click. If you don’t already have the appropriate software for reading PDF files, you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

The above map is a scanned copy of part of a leaflet produced and distributed by CiC. The paper copy also includes an address listing of Churches throughout the whole of Cheltenham, in addition to the central area depicted here. The CiC representative in your local Church should be able to supply a paper copy.

Go to the CiC website.

Here is a list of some other places of worship in Cheltenham, with links to their websites.

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