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Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting Cheltenham Quaker Meeting is part of Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting (GAQM). On the GAQM website you can find out more about all the other Local Meetings within the Area Meeting.
Britain Yearly Meeting Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is the administrative unit covering all Friends in Great Britain. The BYM website provides information about all the Meetings in the country, and much more comprehensive information about Quakers generally than we can offer here. It has a bookshop you can browse and order from online.
Quakers in the World Quakers have a long tradition of being active in, and seeking to make a difference to, the world in which they find themselves. In their actions they seek to put Quaker testimonies such as equality, peace and integrity into practice, as best they can. This website aims to bring together the many different ways in which they have done this, all over the world.
The Religious Society of Friends This website provides access to Quaker information and resources worldwide, with a strong emphasis on the USA.
Photographs of Quaker Meeting Houses John Hall’s flickr photostream of Quaker Meeting Houses, mostly in Britain and a few overseas. There are sets grouped by county. John also offers digital and paper books with photos and essays.
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre Woodbrooke, in the southwest of Birmingham, is a great resource for Quaker and related studies.
Information on Quakerism Online resources on the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); faith, history, leading personalities and practice. Many links to Quakers in the news today.
Swarthmoor Hall An historic Quaker house, home of Margaret Fell and George Fox.
Glenthorne Country Guest House and Quaker Conference Centre (bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation) in Grasmere, The Lake District, Cumbria, UK.
Charney Manor A Quaker conference and retreat centre in Oxfordshire.
Claridge House Quaker Centre for Healing, Rest and Renewal.
Quaker Schools Information about Quaker Schools and Quakers in Education.
The Friend Weekly Magazine - Independent Quaker journalism since 1843.
Living Witness Project Aims to support the development of Quaker corporate witness to sustainable living and explore ways of taking it to the wider community in Britain and elsewhere.
Quaker Homeless Action The main objective of Quaker Homeless Action is to alleviate the poverty and distress of homeless people in the UK.
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, USA In about 1682, 15 Quakers from Gloucestershire founded Cheltenham township in Pennsylvania. The 2 who came from Cheltenham obviously picked the name for their new home!
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, USA Cheltenham’s twin town in Pennsylvania, USA
Charities Aid Foundation CAF provides resources for tax-efficient giving to charities.
Charity Choice Listings and directories of charities.
Churches Together in Britain & Ireland Churches Together in Britain & Ireland (CTBI) was formerly known as the Council of Churches in Britain & Ireland (CCBI).
Churches in Cheltenham The Churches in Cheltenham website offers information about most of the Christian denominations represented in Cheltenham.
Positive Justice Gloucestershire A local organisation dedicated to reforming the justice system.
Changing Tunes A charity providing resources for rehabilitation through music.
The James Nayler Foundation Rehabilitation methods and practices.
Alternatives to Violence Project The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) organises group workshops for people from all walks of life who want to handle conflict well
Peacemakers Peacemakers help school communities to grow and develop by putting time and energy into building, maintaining and repairing relationships in classrooms, staffrooms, playgrounds and corridors.
Conscience Conscience - TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR - works for a world where taxes are used to nurture peace, not pay for war. It was founded in 1979 as the Peace Tax Campaign.
Campaign Against Arms Trade Does what it says on the tin - campaigns in many ways to expose the evils of selling weapons, and the hidden links between governments and the manufacture and marketing of arms.
The Quiet Garden Trust Encourages the provision of a variety of local venues where there is an opportunity to set aside time to rest and to pray.
The Retreat Asssociation Helps people find ways of exploring and deepening their personal spiritual journey.
Cheltenham by Streetmap Streetmap provides internet access to plans and maps covering the whole of Great Britain. The link on the left opens to a map of Cheltenham, centred approximately on the Meeting House.
Cheltenham by bing bing provides internet access to plans and maps covering the whole of the UK (and beyond) at various scales. The link on the left opens to a map of Cheltenham, at a scale of 1:50000, centred approximately on the Meeting House, using the PostCode as a location reference.
Cheltenham on the web A general-purpose information website for Cheltenham - a bit like an online version of a local freesheet.
Transition Town Cheltenham Cheltenham is now involved in the transition away from reliance on oil and other fossil fuels.
Vision 21 Gloucestershire Vision 21 fosters local solutions to global problems such as climate change and energy resources.
Fair Shares Community Time Banks Fair Shares has been described as “volunteering for the 21st century”. Individuals, groups and organisations can join to both give and receive time and talents.
Homeless Link Represents and supports 500 organisations working with homeless people in the UK.
Cheltenham Borough Council Information on local government facilities at the town level.
GlosNet - Gloucestershire County Council Information on local facilities and organisations at the county level.
Jane Mace’s blog from Palestine Jane Mace is a Member of Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting. During part of 2009, she worked in Palestine as an ecumenical accompanier, and the link is to her own account of her experiences there.
Mike Burch’s blog Mike Burch, a member of Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting, writes about his life as a Quaker and revealing the strategies he uses for coping with life with a disability.
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