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In addition, there are some internal links between pages; many of these point to individual items in the Glossary of Terms. Any of the links in the right-hand column of the glossary page will return you to the page you were looking at when you clicked on the link to the glossary.

You can return to our home page from any page on this website by clicking on either the “Cheltenham Quaker Meeting” title near the top of the page, or the “Cheltenham Quaker Meeting home page” link near the bottom of the page.

Each page also has links at the bottom for access to the Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting pages, to the Britain Yearly Meeting pages, and for sending e-mail comments to the website maintainer.

Links to other places normally appear as coloured and underlined text (unless you have deliberately set up your browser to render them differently). Some links on this website are designed to display in italics. This indicates that they point to a location outside the Cheltenham Quaker Meeting website, and so are not expected to have explicit means of returning you to our site after you have clicked on them. To return to our pages after following such a link use the “back” button on your browser. If you have explored more than one page on another site, you may have to use “back” several times to reach this site again.

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In keeping with our testimony to simplicity, we have used simple means to implement our website, given it a simple appearance, and hope that most people will be able to access it with simple hardware and software. Rather than including features that are unique to one particular browser, we have tried to make our site inclusive by respecting international standards. Each page that has been independently validated as meeting those standards displays an appropriate W3C logo. [The W3C validation service is available for anyone to use, and it can test any web page.]

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