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Rota for Sunday duties

If a date is not convenient to you, please arrange to swap with someone else on the list. This list will not include such ad-hoc changes unless you also tell the webmaster or the rota organiser! If you would like to join the rota, please click here to contact the rota organiser.

You can create an ICS file for use with your electronic calendar (Calendar on Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Google calendar) by clicking on your name in the right-hand list. That will download a file to your own machine. You can then double-click that file to add it to Calendar (or drag and drop it onto Calendar) or import it to Google calendar to create an event on the correct date for that particular duty. You need to download a separate calendar event for each date that you are doing duties.

Doorkeeping: Please arrive by 10:00, and please make sure you are familiar with what is involved. Check the guidance notes kept in the doorkeeping box in the Store Room, or here as a PDF file which can be downloaded to your own machine and/or printed to read at your leisure. The previous instructions were very out of date because of changes to the door locks. The 2019 update was drafted by premises Committee and agreed by Elders. With this revision we took the opportunity to discourage conversations in the foyer so that the worship which has already started with people in the Meeting Room is not disturbed.

Flowers: Please try to have the flowers on the table by 10:15. There is a limited supply of vases in the kitchen cupboard, but please bring your own if you prefer.

Teas: You may wish to ask someone else to help you - the queue can build up when only one person is serving. Please bring milk (2 pints / 1 litre) and biscuits. Lay out mugs/cups and preheat water before MfW. Take your expenses from the dish for contributions.

If you see anything in need of repair or replacement anywhere about the building please contact a member of Premises Committee.

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Rota by date
Date Doorkeeping Flowers Teas
1 Mar 2020Joy HMargot RBrenda J
8 Mar 2020Julie SIris TMaureen S
15 Mar 2020Tim HJanet WDiana S
22 Mar 2020Noel BJane BMax K
29 Mar 2020Alison CSeren WAnne K-E
5 Apr 2020Cal A-SDorothy CDiana S
12 Apr 2020Judy RJulie SMaureen S
19 Apr 2020Jo TJanet WIris T
26 Apr 2020Dave HTim HGinny H
3 May 2020Jane BJoy HMargot R
10 May 2020Noel BAlison CAnne K-E
17 May 2020Rowland CJudy RSeren W
24 May 2020Max KCal A-SDiana S
31 May 2020Ginny HDave HTim H
7 Jun 2020Julie SJo TMaureen S
14 Jun 2020Noel BDorothy CRowland C
21 Jun 2020Joy HMargot RAlison C
28 Jun 2020Iris TJanet WMax K
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Rota by first name
Click on your name to download an electronic calendar event
Name Date Duty
Alison C29 Mar 2020doorkeeping
Alison C10 May 2020flowers
Alison C21 Jun 2020teas
Anne K-E29 Mar 2020teas
Anne K-E10 May 2020teas
Brenda J1 Mar 2020teas
Cal A-S5 Apr 2020doorkeeping
Cal A-S24 May 2020flowers
Dave H26 Apr 2020doorkeeping
Dave H31 May 2020flowers
Diana S15 Mar 2020teas
Diana S5 Apr 2020teas
Diana S24 May 2020teas
Dorothy C5 Apr 2020flowers
Dorothy C14 Jun 2020flowers
Ginny H26 Apr 2020teas
Ginny H31 May 2020doorkeeping
Iris T8 Mar 2020flowers
Iris T19 Apr 2020teas
Iris T28 Jun 2020doorkeeping
Jane B22 Mar 2020flowers
Jane B3 May 2020doorkeeping
Janet W15 Mar 2020flowers
Janet W19 Apr 2020flowers
Janet W28 Jun 2020flowers
Jo T19 Apr 2020doorkeeping
Jo T7 Jun 2020flowers
Joy H1 Mar 2020doorkeeping
Joy H3 May 2020flowers
Joy H21 Jun 2020doorkeeping
Judy R12 Apr 2020doorkeeping
Judy R17 May 2020flowers
Julie S8 Mar 2020doorkeeping
Julie S12 Apr 2020flowers
Julie S7 Jun 2020doorkeeping
Margot R1 Mar 2020flowers
Margot R3 May 2020teas
Margot R21 Jun 2020flowers
Maureen S8 Mar 2020teas
Maureen S12 Apr 2020teas
Maureen S7 Jun 2020teas
Max K22 Mar 2020teas
Max K24 May 2020doorkeeping
Max K28 Jun 2020teas
Noel B22 Mar 2020doorkeeping
Noel B10 May 2020doorkeeping
Noel B14 Jun 2020doorkeeping
Rowland C17 May 2020doorkeeping
Rowland C14 Jun 2020teas
Seren W29 Mar 2020flowers
Seren W17 May 2020teas
Tim H15 Mar 2020doorkeeping
Tim H26 Apr 2020flowers
Tim H31 May 2020teas

Rota entries last changed 2020-03-15 08:18:52.

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