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Room bookings for week beginning 22 May 2022 (Colours indicate Quaker use or other use. Last change to any booking was made 2022-05-11 18:20:39)
2022 Meeting RoomTea RoomElizabeth Fry Room
Sun 22 May 09:00-14:00 MfW
09:00-14:00 MfW
20:00-21:00 AAS
09:00-14:00 MfW
09:00-14:00 MfW

09:00-14:00 MfW
09:00-14:00 MfW

Mon 23 May 10:00-12:30 CWR

10:00-13:30 CWR
10:00-13:30 CWR

10:00-12:30 CWR
14:00-16:00 FLI

Tue 24 May

19:00-21:00 CLA

Wed 25 May 10:00-12:00 U3A

11:00-13:00 SUB

19:00-20:00 SAN
Thu 26 May 09:00-12:00 LFS

09:00-12:00 LFS

18:30-20:30 COA

Fri 27 May

19:30-20:30 AAF

Sat 28 May 10:00-13:00 USG

10:00-13:00 USG

The Elizabeth Fry Room was previously known as the Children's Room
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